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I'm passionate about all things crypto and want to help buidl its future. That's why I originally started my #100DaysofCode challenge on the OpenZeppelin forum and Twitter to track my smart contract development progress.

However, my formal education is in creative writing, which taught me technical, scientific, fiction, and non-fiction writing styles. I graduated with a degree in English - creative writing - because it's something I truly enjoy doing. So instead of tossing what I learned in school aside, I've decided to use it to help share my most recent passion in a more expressive way than code alone.

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How to Install WSL for Windows 10: WSL2 Steps Included

A Guide for Installing Windows Subsystem for Linux to Optimize for Smart Contract Development · March 2020

Quantum Computers: Minimizing Technology to Maximize Productivity

The Application of Quantum Computing in Theory & Practice · March 2014

Increasing Awareness of CASA in Kansas

Proposal for State Funding of Court Appointed Child Advocacy · April 2014

About Me

My name is Luis and I made a pledge to be one of the one million devs when I first heard about the announcement in the fall of 2018. I’ve been actively following the crypto industry since I first heard about Bitcoin during the 2017 bull run. Since then, I developed an intimate, conceptual understanding of blockchain technology. But it wasn’t until 2019 that I decided to go all in and help build the future crypto promises.

I’ve been recording my coding journey on the OpenZeppelin forum and on my Twitter. I’ve also been building this site to display some of my projects and past articles. I’m currently adding more projects and articles I have saved locally but haven’t deployed or published yet.

I’m rather obsessed with crypto. The potential of this technology and the current opportunities in the industry literally keep me up at night. But I’m never tired the next day because being a part of this industry energizes me more than any other work ever has before. I’m so grateful that I happened across that first Facebook post that started me down this rabbit hole in 2017. I only wish I had learned about this industry sooner so I could’ve started this journey sooner.

My Other Sites

How To Claim is a crypto related site that introduces the HEX cryptocurrency to the reader and outlines its unique value proposition as a speculative investment. It then offers simple instructional guides for how they can claim and stake their HEX with their own Ledger Nano S device

EZ Teach Online is not related to crypto, but instead offers guidance for undergoing the application and hiring process with VIPKid, an online educational service for non-English speakers. To offer the best support to new applicants, I created automated email campaigns giving unique advice and recommendations to applicants at different stages of the hiring process. The information in the newsletter increased their chances of being hired and expedited the onboarding process, but also promoted engagement with new content added to the website.