Luis Fernando Egea

Smart Contract Developer · Buidler of Web3 Technology ·

Smart contract development in the Solidity programming language, using front-end libraries like web3.js, ethers.js, and React for UI development, and unit testing with frameworks like Truffle and the OpenZeppelin test environment are my core skill set. I've successfully deployed dozens of smart contracts to the Ethereum testnets and mainnet.

Most recently, I've been writing smart contracts to interact with various DeFi, decentralized finance, protocols, like Aave, Uniswap, Kyber, and dYdX, to facilitate flash loans. I have a deep desire to help build the future of Web 3. But I also love talking about the newest things happening in blockchain and DeFi, so email me if you just want to chat.

I'm particularly focused on developments on the Ethereum blockchain. However, there's always new innovations to explore in this space beyond any single blockchain. For instance, those of us who understand it are responsible for spreading the good word of Bitcoin.


Ethereum Blockchain Developer

  • I actively stay up-to-date on the current state of Ethereum development by subscribing and reading industry-leading news and reports from a16z, Bankless, Week in Ethereum News, and the Gitcoin Newsletter.
  • I've successfully completed certification and accumulated a comprehensive education about blockchain systems through the Ivan on Tech Academy and Dapp University Masterclass cohort. All my current certifications can be found below.
  • I've written smart contracts in Solidity and deployed them onto the testnet & mainnet. I've leveraged the web3.js and ethers.js library in order to connect my smart contract with front-end UIs developed with the React library. Some of my projects can be found in the portfolio section. A complete list of past and current projects can be found on my Github.
  • I'm familiar with industry standards, like ERC-20 and ERC-721, and enjoy researching extended implementations like ERC-998 and ERC-777. I'm also familiar with industry leading tools like the OpenZeppelin library, the Truffle framework, Etherscan, Infura, Metamask, and OpenSea for NFTs.
  • I'm comfortable using the Truffle test suite and OpenZeppelin test environment for testing my smart contracts on a local blockchain, Ganache CLI. I've also used Ganache-CLI to fork the Ethereum mainnet to test smart contract interactions with live projects, like Uniswap, Kyber, etc., on the mainnet.
  • I'm comfortable using decentralized finance (DeFi) applications such as Compound, UniSwap, InstaDapp, PoolTogether, Oasis for MakerDao, Kyber, and Synthetix with their provided front-end UI, using Truffle scripts, and directly with their smart contracts through an Ubuntu terminal.
  • I've personally used each of the aforementioned projects successfully for managing my own funds.
  • I'm passionate about learning more as this industry grows, and it's my ultimate goal to be part of buidling its future.
September 2019 - Present

Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Manage and Optimize AdWords Accounts – In one instance, I reduced CPC to an average $0.18 with an overall CTR of 7.12% reaching over 5k clicks and 70k impressions with a max budget of $1,000. Total costs resulted in $883.
  • Increased relevant traffic through keyword research and negative keywords, A/B split testing.
  • Built and manage two SEO Optimized WordPress sites – &
  • Implement lead capture on landing pages and manage email marketing campaigns.
  • I do competitive keyword research to determine feasible DA & PA rankings, find long tail keywords and new opportunities. I optimize Meta Tags, create SEO Optimized content, and build links through guest posting opportunities on high DA sites.
  • I use Google Analytics to assess visitor behavior and adjust paid campaigns and organic search strategies.
June 2018 - Current

Online ESL Teacher

  • I taught English to children in China ages 4-12 through VIPKID’s online platform.
  • I wrote parent feedback on student behavior and learning performance.
  • I regularly recommended learning strategies to students’ parents for more effective English development.
  • I maintained a 5-star rating with over 1,500 reviews on teaching performance from parent feedback.
  • I’ve taught over 3,000 classes and over 1,500 students using TPR, oral repetition, and standard ESL teaching practices.
  • I attended workshops to develop effective online teaching methodologies. I commonly employed the newest ESL teaching methodologies in my classes.
January 2018 - September 2019


NFT Minter - IPFS Uploader

Live on Ropsten Testnet.
An early demo version app for uploading images to IPFS and minting NFTs using those images. It displays the NFT images after successfully minting. See it live on Ropsten here.

EthSwap Liquidity Exchange

Live on Ropsten Testnet.
Project Description: A simple, Uniswap-like, liquidity exchange for trading ETH and SwapToken, an ERC-20 token, at a fixed rate. See it live on Ropsten here.

Color Token Minter

Live on Ropsten Testnet.
Project Description: A simple dapp that mints ERC-721 tokens for whatever color you enter. See it live on Ropsten here.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Initial Smart Contract Creation with Truffle
  • Deploy to local blockchain: Ganache CLI
  • Test Smart Contract with Truffle Tests or OpenZeppelin Test Environment
  • Add React-Based User Interface
  • Test Front-End Functionality
  • Deploy to Testnet & Test Smart Contracts
  • Test React UI with Testnet Deployed Smart Contracts
  • Recommend Audit if Applicable - Multiple Smart Contracts Managing Large Amounts
  • Deploy to Mainnet & Test Smart Contracts
  • Test React UI with Mainnet Deployed Smart Contracts

About Me

My name is Luis and I made a pledge to be one of the one million devs when I first heard about the announcement in the fall of 2018. I’ve been actively following the crypto industry since I first heard about Bitcoin during the 2017 bull run. Since then, I developed an intimate, conceptual understanding of blockchain technology. But it wasn’t until 2019 that I decided to go all in and help build the future crypto promises.

I’ve been recording my coding journey on the OpenZeppelin forum and on my Twitter. I’ve also been building this site to display some of my projects and past articles. I’m currently adding more projects and articles I have saved locally but haven’t deployed or published yet.

I’m rather obsessed with crypto. The potential of this technology and the current opportunities in the industry literally keep me up at night. But I’m never tired the next day because being a part of this industry energizes me more than any other work ever has before. I’m so grateful that I happened across that first Facebook post that started me down this rabbit hole in 2017. I only wish I had learned about this industry sooner so I could’ve started this journey sooner.